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The Slow Crawl To Certain Mental And Emotional Damage (Part 3)
 Oh my gods... nothing has happened. Like seriously, NOTHING! 
How can hundreds of teenaged girls find this interesting? HOW??!?!?!?!!

So, three boys have already asked Bella to the dance. THREE! THATS TWICE AS MANY BOYS FOR A LOT OF REAL GIRLS! I... I just.. NUH!!

Also, Meyer has taken an interest in writing super short sentences. Really short. They're supposed to be... dramatic... and powerful... and... boring. Also. I can't tell you how... /aggravating/.. it is to read about a character that has no flaws. 
Oh no, I'm sorry, Bella DOES have a flaw! She's unbearably clumsy! I forgot that that wasn't a character TRIAT! SILLY ME LOLOLOLOL!!

The Slow Crawl To Certain Mental And Emotional Damage (part 2)
 Oh my gods what the fuck am I reading?

Honestly, I had NO IDEA that a BOOK could be so GODDAMNED INFURIATINGGGGG!!!

I'm past the part where Bella Sue met Eddiekins for the first time and just past the part where Bella Sue almost got run over. For the love of god Cullen, why the fuck did you have to save HER of all people????????

Also, I have come up with a list of words to describe their 'amazingly romantic and dangerous starcrossed relationship':


Not to mention pedophiliac AND necrophiliac AT THE SAME FUCKIN' TIME!

I mean, seriously Meyer? How could a dead guy be considered sexy of all things????

Writer's Block: Born this way
If you were a cross-breed between two animals, what animals would they be, and why?

Easy. I'd be a griffin! (cross between a lion and an eagle)

I forgot to mention that my nana is visiting for the week :D
She came to help with painting the house to get it ready for selling. Yeah, we're moving to Toronto (heh, looks like Totoro) but I don't want to think about that right now.
Well, at least not the bad parts. 

I guess it'll be nice to start over in a city. I wonder what kind of people I'll meet. Maybe I'll even find another asexual like me! :DD I don't really care what gender they are though. Love is love so whatever man. =u=

I've been working on trying to develop a story line for a group of characters that I have. I have... like one and a half pages on MSWord..? 

Should I change the format of this thing? Is white getting too boring? Yeah, I think I will. Expect change very soon.

Thats it I guess...

The Slow Crawl To Certain Mental And Emotional Damage (part 1)
Anyone who knows me, knows full well that I absolutely detest Twilight....

So why the bloody hELL AM I READING IT-T-T-T-T-T??????

Why? Because (1) I want to learn from Meyer's many MANY mistakes and (2) I want to rant and hate about it properly. SO(!!!) I will be recording my brave adventure through brave but clumsy average highschool girls, amazingly dangerous but irresistible sparkly dead guys and a thick, hazardous forest of unneeded adjectives and synonyms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I'm on page seven right now and the first thing Meyer does is describe what Bella Sue- I mean, Swan is wearing. Biiiiiiig no-no Meyer /shakes head in discust.

(also, It was Norway's birthday yesterdaaaayyyeee~! Happy birthday Noru-tan~~!)

Writer's Block: Collect 'em all
Do you collect anything? If so, what do you collect, and what made you start your collection?

I have quite a few collections actually~

I have my tie collection; all men's ties with various colours and patterns. Mostly stripes though. I used to collect little acorns with the caps still on (I had hundreds! I recently threw 'em all out though.). I have a smaller collection of sea glass (my pride and joy is a rare dark blue one. Its really little though so I keep it in a special box~).

My more cliched collections include stuffed animals (I have a totoro that I absolutely ADORE!! My oldest is a Roo from the Whinny the Pooh. He's older than my adult cousin!), seashells (I have some fossils in the box where they're kept too) and jewelry~


Man, do I have no life O.O;;;

Hetalia Headcanon?
 Aah, just some of my headcanon for my favorite series~~ <3
These deal with a lot of personal stuff, not historical stuff. I'm just trying to develop the characters as people, not just as land masses. 

✒Whenever Japan is touched- it doesn't even matter who it is- when he doesn't expect it, he has a spazz and starts spewing jibberish.

✒Spain and Russia are secretly best friends. The only other person who knows this is Romano.

✒Iceland actually loves his brother very much. He just doesn't really know how to convey his feeling without everything being awkward..

✒Every second Saturday on each month, Norway and Austria have a 'hang-out' day. They usually have tea, talk about stuff then play piano-violin duets which are, almost every time, interrupted by Prussia.

✒Holland thinks that he and Russia would make great friends. But every time he gets close to him, he looses all courage.

✒Iceland can see faeries all too well; he just pretends not to most of the time. He also, whenever he catches Norway talking to one, accuses him of being 'Completely and utterly insane!', which usually ends up with Norway feeling hurt and dejected for the rest of the day.

✒Prussia, while liking Canada /very/ much, still has the remains of a monster crush that he used to have on Norway after he got over the initial shock of Hungary being a girl...

✒Hungary will never let anyone know her secret obsession with yuri as well as yaoi and totally ships Vietnam with Taiwan.

✒Hong Kong met Iceland through a chat room. Ever since the world meeting where they first met each other in person, they've been inseparable.

✒Hong Kong thinks that China should get over his eyebrows already. Yes, it was England's fault, that doesn't mean he should hold an eternal grudge.

✒The location of Norway's house has not changed for thousands of years and it never will.

✒The only thing that gets Spain truly angry is when somebody mocks his pirate pony-tail.

✒Every once and a while England hosts Ireland, Scotland, Japan, Iceland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden over at his house to play with their spirits and faeries without the other nations making fun of them.

✒Iceland is invited every time as well, but he firmly believes that the whole thing is extremely childish. Not to mention that he still hates England for stealing his fish...

✒It should also be mentioned that Denmark and Sweden almost never go. Especially Denmark.

✒New Zealand's gender will forever remain a secret. The other nations just gave up trying...

✒New Zealand's nickname is 'Shepy' (for 'Shepherd') even though NZ's human name is Alex (which can stand for either Alexander or Alexis). Australia gave it to NZ because he/she is a shepherd.

✒Australia and America just /loooove/ to play pranks on Japan. Most of the time though, Japan ends up crying.

✒Whenever something touching and romantic happens to a couple, you're sure to find both Hungary and Japan with their respectable video/picture capturing tools as well as plenty of paper and pencils. 

✒Hong Kong is generally mature and quiet when alone or with family... But when he's hanging out with Iceland, he's the goofiest, weirdest teenager in town!

✒N. Italy is pretty strong, he can easily carry his brother on his back for half an hour. He just doesn't tend to use his strength all that much. (or properly for that matter)

✒Finland isn't all sunshine and giggles all the time. He once beat up Denmark pretty badly for picking on Sweden

✒The Nyotalia gang belong in a different universe which can only be opened by England with Norway's help. Once the portal is opened, it can take months for the girls to go back to their own world again. 

✒The Nyotalia gang are the sisters/brothers of the original gang. Even if they're all not directly related. 

✒Because of him staying at England's house, Hong Kong's immune system is legendary and he can ingest almost any food. He's fearless about trying new things as well. America thinks that England's food striped his brain of his sense of taste.

✒Iceland has no idea what the big deal is about someone touching Norway's detached cowlick. Norway has hidden it well.

✒Japan reads yaoi webcomics in his spare time. He got caught only once, by Greece (who thought nothing was wrong with that.). He denied it for years.

✒Greece has an insanely good memory when it comes to the Iliad and Homer's works.

✒England once acted out the entire Midsummer Night's Dream play with his fairies.

✒Fem!Norway has short hair while Fem!Denmark's hair is long

✒You can find most of my England head canon in the Mr.Bean series. Particularly the movie, Mr.Bean's Holiday. 

✒Iceland loves bauhinias. Although, he'd never let Hong Kong know this.

✒Prussia is a total softy once you get to really know him.

✒Iceland is 'chronically clumsy' according to his brother.

✒(yes I know, I have a lot of Iceland headcanon. He's my fave character stfu.) Iceland has severe resistive  trypanophobia. He once got really sick and had to have blood withdrawn. It took Hong Kong, Norway, Denmark and Sweden to hold him down and he was crying and screaming for half an hour after that. 

✒Iceland will catch any and /every/ disease imaginable and is sick almost 24/7.

✒Norway loves sugar but almost never eats it because of Denmark. When Noway gets hyper, he gets /HYPER/

Music To My Ears~~
 I love music, I love it so baaaaad~!!! I love spacing out to it, letting all the different layers of sound wash over and around me, seeping into my ears and head. I love listening to the lyrics and assigning a song to each of my characters that it fits best. I don't really care what I'm listening to, as long as its good~. 

I have things from Vocaloid to Sting to The Birthday Massacre to Wika to Avril Lavigne and some random Swiss, German, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish songs. Even Icelandic!

-Sigh~.. Icela~n~d

lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove /shot

Speaking of Iceland (suddenly composed), I officially know how to do an Icelandic accent~!! :DDDDD 

Oh Hai/ lots of random crap in here...-
 I............. don't really know what to say...  O___O l-long time no see huh?

I'm doin' good here I guess... math is confusing as per usual. I need to start writing my story again. XP
Oh, speaking of my story, my sister, teitanito, had agreed that if I write up some script form dialog, she'd make a comic out of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAhignkcfgugbabksbv! BLESS YOUUUUUUU! 

Yesterday, (or was it yesterday... oh well) a couple days ago, I made personifications for my iPod and laptop. My iPod is Toni Song and my laptop is Gilbert McIntosh. 
You know, McIntosh=Macintosh? my computer is a Mac?? aheh heh.. 

ANYWAY!Collapse )

Gods, don't you hate it when people get words confused? Like 'then' and 'than'. Am I the only only one on FanFiction.net who knows the difference? And instead of saying 'anyway', its 'anyways'. It just pisses me off and distracts me from a good story :((((( 

Its going to be like... 8 degrees out here today~! The snow is still invading my running space though >:C
Oh well, SUMMER WILL COME!!!!! -shakefist- 

Gods, I cant WAIT for summer dammit!! I can wear dresses~, run around bare foot~, roll down hills~, get bug bites~, go to the beach~ oh man, I just cant wait *O*

Oh, that reminds me. Last summer (or something...) my family went to the beach and there were ladybugs EVEYWHERE! And when I say EVERYWHERE, I mean ATTACK-OF-THE-KILLER-LADYBUGS-EVERYWHERE!! It was so strange! I don't even know where they all came from! There must have been at least OVER NINE THOUSA- over a hundred! O.O

Has that ever happened to you? I mean you step outside and suddenly, your swarmed by something? If you were, tell me! :DD Im curious! 

Untill next time then!


L-look at how pretty~!! *o*

Twas browsing around photobucket in the photography section under bokeh~
Bokeh is so cool. I need to know how to do it~


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