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OMG A Daily Update O_O
 Yepyep, a daily update.

I'm going to my guyfriend's house tomorrow. So excited skdhgcims!!!!
My friends /never/ cease to make me rip a hole in my side laughing X'DDD

I'm going to the dentist w/ my mum in 2 hours. I have a check up and my mum has to have some fillings replaced. I'll have to sit there in the waiting room for Odin knows how long being bored because I still don't know the way home lol. Good thing I didn't forget to recharge my iPod O.O And I'll bring a book and some paper/pencils too~

Bought one of those amazing trendy scarves yesterday. Its black with little white stars on it~ I FRIGGIN LOVE IT I DONT CARE IF ITS 'OUTDATED' I LOVE IT ANYWAY!!!!!! >O<


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